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We care about the quality and success of your future. Let us help you get to the places you want to be! The opportunity is actually quite simple. Enjoy a world of exclusive membership benefits usually only available to the world's "1%" or enjoy such benefits by sharing and inviting associates, friends, family members, and alike. When they join Orenda's exclusive programs, you are rewarded & compensated!

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No matter your level of membership, we provide unique & valuable tools, from everyday needs to dream vacations.

Membership Introduction Bonus

We compensate our members every time they provide a word of mouth referral with a 20% commission.

Binary Cycle Bonus

Binary is one of our most aggressive bonuses is a payment of $30 for every binary cycle.

VIP Revenue Share Bonus

This generous bonus pays between $15 - $50 of infinity deep residual income for all Elite VIP members in your organization.

Rank Advancement Bonus

Rank advancement and progress are rewarded with a one-time advancement bonus of $500 - $100,000.

Lifestyle Bonus

Our incredible lifestyle bonus pays $500 - $5,000 every month and will pay for your car lease, your rent, or even your house mortgage.

Founders Give Back Bonus

1% of global membership sales are shared among all qualifying members, who are recognized at our annual red-carpet celebration.

Earn More. Experience More.

From industry leading financial compensation to experiential rewards, ORENDA provides endless opportunities.


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What Our Members Are Saying

"ORENDA has given me the opportunity to expand my network and business two fold. A variety of tools and the leading industry compensation plan, coupled with marketing tools and campaigns to help me attract folks to my business has allowed me success far beyond my imagination in such a short period of time"

~ Tim P.
VIP Elite Member & IBM

"In my short 4 months with Club ORENDA, I have saved over $4,000 dollars on travel versus what I would have paid with Expedia. It's allowed me to travel even more than I could have ever dreamed of."

~ Lea M.
Elite Member

"Being an at home Mom isn't easy. When sitting down to plan a vacation, I was told about ORENDA by a friend. Ever since then, I haven't looked back. Not only did I save over 50% on my vacation than what I was planning to pay on Booking.com, but I too have since started sharing the word and building my business. To my own shock, I have built a true business with a growing monthly income in a short 3 months."

~ Jin Q.
VIP Elite Member & IBM

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